Book your space ticket and enjoy a trip to space travel

You’ll board the SpaceShipTwo which is the spacecraft that you will certainly take a trip right into area in. This is launched horizontally from a height of 50,000 ft, reached that height by WhiteKnightTwo. At this moment you’re enabled to leave your seat as well as check out no gravity, take a look gone to see the planet from room with your own eyes and also not just with a picture. Your seated in a reclined seat when coming back planet’s atmosphere to aid alleviate to solid g force to is exerted on your body. Upon re-entry you will merely glide pull back to planet using a winged feathering technique that creates the spaceship to behave much like a shuttlecock. When out of the environment the wings are turned upwards at a 65 ° enabling automated control of the altitude. Relying on its wind resistant layout as well as regulations of physics the SpaceShipTwo simply floats back down to earth. Training and also launch occurs at the world’s very first function developed industrial spaceport in New Mexico. Your entire experience from training to the room flight itself will certainly be tape-recorded for your convenience, so you can share it with friends and family.