EVE Online Free Trial – 30 Day – Space MMO Game

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EVE Online is a space MMO game where you may become an elite spaceship pilot. That’s not the only way you may have fun in EVE however. You might become trader, industrialist or try diplomacy. Every path is correct and every might be a great adventure.

Many players are looking for 14, 21 or 60 days EVE Online free trial. Those are not available anymore. There used to be 14 and 21 day trial subscriptions, but now we have 30, so who cares, right? The 60 day trial was short term promo you will not find anymore. Still 30 days are great and subscription plans are fair.

Monthly Fee – Subscription Price

After the trial time the game is charged $14.95 monthly, but it can go as low as $10.95 if paid for 12 months in advance. It is possible to play EVE Online for free as CCP introduced PLEX (in game item) that might be bought using in game currency and used to keep your account activated for 30 days longer…